Future and Past Conferences

Future ICMMES Conferences

ICMMES 2023 (19th) Hong Kong, China

ICMMES 2024 (20th) San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

ICMMES 2025 (21th) Canberra, Austallia


Past ICMMES Conferences


ICMMES 2021 (17th), Online, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2021

ICMMES 2020 (17th), Hammamet, Tunisia, (postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic)

ICMMES 2019 (16th), Edinburgh, UK, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2019

ICMMES 2018 (15th), Newark, Delaware, USA, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2018

ICMMES 2017 (14th), Nantes, France, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2017

ICMMES 2016 (13th), Hamburg, Germany, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2016

ICMMES 2015 (12th), Beijing, China, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2015

ICMMES 2014 (11th), New York City, USA, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2014

ICMMES 2013 (10th), Oxford, UK, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2013

ICMMES 2012 (9th), Taipei, Taiwan, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2012

ICMMES 2011 (8th), Lyon, France, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2011

ICMMES 2010 (7th), Edmonton, Canada, www.icmmes.org/icmmes2010

ICMMES 2009 (6th), Guangzhou, China

ICMMES 2008 (5th), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ICMMES 2007 (4th), Munich, Germany

ICMMES 2006 (3rd), Hampton, USA

ICMMES 2005 (2nd), Hong Kong

ICMMES 2004 (1st), Braunschweig, Germany